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Hello all:

Thank you for visiting The World’s Greatest Travelers™ website. Please feel free to browse around and enjoy our take on travel, some photos, our insights and commentary, great links, and a sense of humor. We of course welcome your comments. That said...

We are a collection of serious travelers. We don’t take pre-packaged tours. We don’t take cruises. We don’t spend holidays hanging on the beach. We travel far and wide. We prefer taking independent adventures of the mind and spirit. We relish immersing ourselves in the sights, sounds and smells of the places we travel to--the more unusual the better. We enjoy eating local cuisines and chatting with local people—to learn, to laugh, and to share. And, we travel a lot!

Our bona fides? Well, we stopped counting countries over a decade ago—by then we had been to over 100. (Yes, we are members of the Century Club.) The last time we circled the globe--in the spring of 2010, it was our eighth such adventure. (Yes, we are members of the Circumnavigators Club and the Globetrotters Club.) We have participated in, and won, an international around the world travel adventure competition. (Yes, National Geographic’s Traveler magazine once dubbed us the “world’s greatest traveler”.) We also seem to have attracted some media attention over the years, and have had the privilege of having some of writing books and having our travel photos published too. (Yes, National Geographic Traveler, Outside, Time, USA Today, Global Adventure, etc.) Frankly, we thank our lucky stars every day to have seen what we have seen and done what we have done. We do indeed live the lives of a gifted few…

The Big Idea of this website is to share our adventures, experiences, and acquired travel knowledge, with other serious travelers from around the world, to whom we have met a few over the years. We will try our best not to become just another travel website—there are too many already. We will instead attempt to offer a fresh POV and a timely take on the world we live in and the places we travel.  

Admittingly, this website is not for everyone, nor should it be. It is for serious travelers who have been around the block a few times—and want more! It is for serious travelers whose hearts beat a little faster at the sight of a passport, or an airline ticket to remote places. It is for serious travelers who know that by giving they will receive. It is more travelers who know that others have a lot to offer that we could learn from. It is indeed a website created for serious travelers who are forever seeking with open, engaging and adventurous souls.

For those of you that the shoe fits, welcome to our website and that special club!

We always welcome your comments, so if you have any revelations or comments, please let us know them at: comments [at] worldsgreatesttravelers.com. Thank you.


The World’s Greatest Travelers™ Team