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The World’s Greatest Travelers™ have to do lists like everyone else. Serious traveler’s lists are just a tad longer than everyone else’s. These special spots are places and destinations that just have to be seen by your own two eyes. Others have called them Bucket Lists, or the things to see before you die…we have always referred to ours as The Big Book of Life.

To make a long story short, this is our, purely subjective Big Book of Life—a collection of serious traveler’s pilgrimage sites, hot spots, and things you’ve just got to see for yourself. Simple and clean, as easy as any list in no particular order A-Z.

Let the mind wander and enjoy…By the way, this Big Book of Life keeps getting longer, not shorter!

(last updated - 13 September 2014)

Amsterdam cafes, Holland
Antarctica Cruise
Bike down Haleakala Volcano at sunrise, Maui, USA
Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow, Russia
Calgary Stampede, Alberta, Canada
Camping in Alaska, USA
Carnaval, Rio or Bahia, Brazil
Christmas Eve in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Climb Mount Fuji at sunrise, Japan
Cross the Andes between Chile and Argentina
Crossing Hong Kong Harbor on the Star Ferry
Cruise the Greek Isles, Greece
Dance the night away in Madrid, Spain
Drive across the country, USA
Drive Highway 1 near Monterey, California, USA
Drive the Bordeaux wine region, France
Drive the Corniche Road, Amalfi, Italy
Eat Indian cuisine in London, England
Elephant safari, Nepal/India
Find your soul mate(s), anywhere you can!
Float down the Mekong River, Indochina
Fly fish, anywhere!
Gondola Ride, Venice, Italy
Scuba/snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Have a pint in Dublin, Ireland
Have children, as many as you can!
Hike the Alps, Switzerland
Hike through a rainforest, anywhere!
Buy something in Khan el-Khalili Grand Bazaar, Cairo, Egypt
La Scala Opera House, Milano, Italy
Louvre Museum ,Paris, France
Mann’s Chinese Theater, Hollywood, California, USA
Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Octoberfest, Munich, Germany
Olympics (Summer or Winter), anywhere!
Orange pancakes at Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong, China
Play craps at 3 am in Las Vegas, USA
Play golf in Scotland
Ride the Marrakech Express, Morocco
Run the Bay-to-Breakers, San Francisco, USA
Seeing the aurora borealis, anywhere you can!
Serengeti Migration, Tanzania
Ski Innsbruck, Austria; Telluride, USA & Whistler, Canada
Spring break as a teenager in Florida
Stroll the Garden District of Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Sun in St. Tropez, France
Sunrise in Himalayas, Nepal
Sunrise on Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
Sunset in Key West, Florida, USA
Sunset at Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya
Sunset in Santorini, Greece
Take a child to Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA
Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Top of Empire State Building, NYC, USA
Vienna Opera Ball, Vienna, Austria
Visit a great ape/orangutan rehabilitation camp, anywhere!
Visit Flanders’s Fields, France
Visit Ganga Ma (Mother Ganges River) in Varanasi, India
Visit your ancestral roots, where ever they are!
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA
Walk into a Great Desert (for half a day), anywhere!
August in Cape Cod, USA
Boating the bayous of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Cruise the Inner Passage to Alaska, USA
Dance the night away in an Ibiza disco, Spain
Full moon in Sedona, Arizona, USA
Hiroshima Peace Memorial on August 6th, Japan
Horseback riding the Outback, Australia
Indian Summer in Tuscany, Italy
Kabuki theatre, Tokyo, Japan
Masada at sunrise, Israel
New Years Eve in Goa, India
Party at the Playboy Mansion, Los Angeles, California, USA
Passegiata, Rome, Italy
Ride the Siberian Express from Moscow to Beijing
Riding out an Atlantic Storm in Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA
Stanley Cup Finals in Toronto or Montreal, Canada
Summer in Loire Valley, France
Sunset in Bora Bora, Tahiti
Superbowl Weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Surf the North Shore of Oahu, USA
Waiting out the monsoons in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Walk the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route, Spain
Whale watching in San Juan Islands, Washington, USA
White water rafting, anywhere!
Wimbledon, London, England
World Cup Soccer game, anywhere!
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