Tips of the Trade


The World’s Greatest Travelers™ know a lot of little tips, the ins and outs of traveling, that make them really good and efficient travelers.

Over the years we have collected a lot of these from some serious travelers while rounding the globe. What I have learned traveling to over 100 countries.

Here is our members-only edition of our tips of the travel trade:

Overcoming Your Travel Apprehensions: The Decision to Go…
Online Booking
Before You Go: Preparation, preparation, preparation…
On Packing Light: Avoiding Travelers Block and Travelers Stoop
Bon Voyage: Avoiding the Terminal Blues
Getting there is not half the fun! We know, get over it…
Traveling Safe and Wisely: The Post 9/11 World
Your Home Away from Home: Hotel survival Tips
You are what you Eat:
Seeing Stuff and Doing Things:
Haggling for Stuff:
Taking Great Photos:
Getting what you want: Tips on Tipping & Bribes
The Lost Art of Journal Writing: Blogging 101
Nothing to Declare: Surviving Customs
Re-immersion: Post Holiday Depression
The World’s Greatest Traveler’s Golden Rules of Travel
Responsible Travelers Creed

Tips for all you Indiana-Janes:
Travel Pet Peeves: Don’t Do these things…